I offer coaching to teams, groups and individuals; conduct workshops; lead large-group interventions; and accompany change processes.

Specific workshop formats include:

  • Strategy retreats
  • Ways of working together
  • Adjustment to new demands
  • Open space conferences
  • Feedback after 360-degree surveys
  • Reflection groups
  • Conflict interventions

I also provide special group training in negotiation, conflict, communication, and leadership.

I work on almost all organizational levels:

  • With executive teams in challenging transition phases
  • With research teams during restructuring
  • With managers responsible for introducing new forms of organization
  • With IT experts to settle division of responsibilities
  • With foremen and shift teams on questions of occupational health and safety
  • With production teams to improve cooperation

I also offer assistance in resolving tricky conflict situations.

Since the summer of 2018 I have been working as an external consultant with Chritine Lüders on the issue of sexual harassment for Deutsche Lufthansa AG.